Make a garment a month November plans

Apparently I missed the party the first time round (I wasn’t sewing then) but better late then never… I am making Vogue 8805

and I’m making it in this (these)…

The contrasting solids are just cheap ($2.50/m) cotton from my local fabric shop. The main fabric is locally made Thai cotton which is actually a maxi skirt. i.e. a tube of fabric with one seam up the back. I have had it for years so I can’t remember where I got it (probably Chaing Mai night bazaar) or what I paid for it (probably about $10).

You can find similar(ish) Thai cottons here¬†in my etsy shop. Have a browse, maybe you’ll find something you like.

I also plan to use #makeagarmentamonth on social media so why don’t you too, then we can all follow along on Twitter or Instagram or both.

Lots of other plans brewing (that may involve a yellow skirt) but more on that later.

Here’s to a productive month everyone.


4 thoughts on “Make a garment a month November plans

  1. I think you'll find that people will start using social media for the challenge anyway and it may just happen on its own. It will be interesting to see what happens….


  2. Hi Gaye, I've had a few days away, so just caught up with your reply. You are quite adventurous.

    By the end of the year I hope to have learned a little more about social media and have it incorporated into the challenge.


  3. Hi Sarah Liz – yes, I came to Thailand 13 years ago but spent 6 of those years in the Middle East before returning here 2 years ago. It's now home. And because of the fabrics such a lovely place to sew.

    I wouldn't say that I use social media a lot but I have known of it and its potential for a long time. Now I'm moving into trying to actually use it more – have just started using twitter and instagram. So will be using them for #makeagarmentamonth – it's such a great challenge, thanks to you, and so I figure we should spread the word.


  4. Hi Gaye – the fabrics are lovely – you must have quite a long association with Thailand. I've long liked that particular Vogue dress as well, but there isn't time to make them all – so it's nice to see others make them up.

    I haven't moved into the whole social media thing yet, – that's my next learning exercise… I think I remember, from looking at your other blog, that you use it quite a bit.


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