Two for him and one for me

I have been busy sewing but as per usual it is always the photos which are the hold up so I have decided to just go with what I have.
So I’ve been making everyday basics for me and H. First up was a pair of shorts for H. I used this pattern from Modern Sewing Patterns. This was one of those spur of the moment decisions – to make the shorts I mean – and so I didn’t have a pattern. Nor did I have the time to wait for one to arrive. Nor was I terribly keen to spend too much on a pattern since I had my doubts about whether I’d ever use it more than once. You see H is blessed in that he can buy just about anything straight off the rack and it fits. All the time. So I really wasn’t sure that it would be worth the effort to make much for him.
Boy was I wrong on that. He absolutely loves his shorts, which is why I have made two pairs in quick succession. This was helped mightily by the fact that they fit straight off the pattern. The only change was to use a 2cm side seam (not 1cm per pattern).
Warning the following photos are overexposed in an attempt to make something visible on black and navy fabric.
So here are both pairs of shorts.
Some details on the navy pair
Check out the fly
I used this excellent tutorial  from Grainline Studio and had no problems at all.
This is my faux flat felled pocket. Next time I will French seam them.
The only change I made to the pattern was to use patch pockets instead of welt, at H’s request. I copied them from a RTW pair.
Again apologies for the photos but these have been washed twice since being finished last week. I only got the black pair off him and into the wash by making the navy pair. They have been worn to the pub, to a friend’s house to watch rugby and to play golf (twice). So obviously they are a success!
In between the two pairs of shorts, I made myself a denim skirt. I used this  pattern from Lekala. You need to look at the technical drawing – it looks very meh in the main image.

 I have to say I was really impressed with the fit. The only change I made was to increase the seam allowance everywhere but the centre back but this was only because I used stretch denim. I’m sure that in non-stretch fabric it would fit straight off the pattern.

Because I used denim I didn’t use flat felled seams as they would have been really bulky so they are zigzagged and then faux flat felled.
And yes, photobombed by the kitten. As you can see the pocket back (for want of a better term) continues up to the waist. This really helps the pockets sit flat and also helps prevent bagging from wear.
I French seamed the bottom of the pocket bags – the sides join the front seams so no need to finish them separately.
I used grosgrain ribbon to finish the waist as I do not like waistbands. They always crunch up and I don’t find them very comfortable.
The back view. I have no idea why there is a crease on the right. Although the fact that I’d worn this several times before taking the photos might have something to do with it.

The vent in the back.

In the interests of full disclosure, the side view. This also kind of shows why I think this fits so well. The pattern actually has a slight curve on the two front seams so that it dips back in slightly below my belly. Which I really like because I don’t like skirts to hang straight down as then they are too wide (due to my belly). Sorry bad description/explanation I know.

Don’t know why I look so unimpressed. I love this skirt.

So if you are looking for a basic skirt pattern (made to your measurements) I can’t recommend this enough. I will be making more of these. The front panel lends itself well to colour blocking or a bright print without going overboard. And think of the fun you could have with piping.

So that’s me with a TNT for shorts/trousers for H and a TNT skirt for me. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Have you tried Lekala patterns? Was it successful?

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9 thoughts on “Two for him and one for me

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  2. That is a very nice skirt Gaye. The pattern looks very similar to the Cake Hummingbird skirt, which is my go to skirt pattern.
    You did a lovely job on the shorts too.


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