The grape dress

This dress almost didn’t get made. You see when I first saw, and bought, this fabric, I thought it had a random swirly pattern. See what I mean?

However, when I was ironing it, after prewashing, I realised that they are actually grapes! Yikes, I wasn’t sure that I actually wanted a dress with grapes on it.

But I did keep coming back to it and eventually made it into this

I only had a metre of the grapes fabric so I used some black textured cotton for the back.

This was made using KS2627 again, with self drafted tulip sleeves. This pattern is also free so if you’re looking for a good, basic shift pattern give it a go.

I used this excellent tutorial from sewmanyseams. I also used both fabrics in the sleeves.

Checking out those grapes. Or perhaps realising that i did actually have shoes on this time….

I have used this pattern several times already. The first time I started with a combination of size L and XL. Then I used M and L. I have now decided that I’m going to do an FBA on the size M.

I have come to this realisation because on this one I took it up another couple of centimetres at the shoulder seams and everything fits better, especially the sleeves. Although of course this also raised the bust darts which then had to be lowered on the actual dress after they had already been sewn:)

I also think this soft drapey rayon it actually too lightweight for a dress. It probably would have been better as a blouse. And this pattern will make great simple woven Ts once I’ve done that FBA.

Oh, well. The dress is extremely cool and comfortable and easy to wear.

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16 thoughts on “The grape dress

  1. This is a great summer dress. You don't even notice that they are grapes. A fun light casual summer dress – fantastic. I might even copy the style.


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