A quick and colourful result

Sometimes you just need a quick and simple make. Especially when you have that “I want something new to wear tonight” feeling at around lunchtime.

So I whipped up this colourful skirt. Took no time at all. Just take one metre of cotton sateen, one centre back seam and an elastic waist and you have a bright, colourful skirt in no time at all. There are a million tutorials available if you want to make one yourself.

I was fortunate to just be able to use the selvedge at the centre back seam so didn’t even need to finish the seams.

I machine hemmed it with two rows of grey thread. I find that two rows looks more intentional and therefore more finished than one sometimes.

And in case you were wondering a matching vodka is optional, although I do find it makes the photo taking a little easier to bear. I recommend pomegranate juice for a nice reddish pink hue.

Of course now I really need to make some tops to go with it. I don’t have any other solid coloured tops and I’m not a print matching kind of girl. And this old RTW top is now enormous.

I think I might need to keep an eye out for some more colourful cotton sateens. But perhaps after I’ve made a couple of tops to go with this one.

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8 thoughts on “A quick and colourful result

  1. Vodka definitely helps with the pics!

    I rarely handstitch hems but that is because I am usually making casual clothes and I don't think it would add much to hand hem. I've never done a machine blind hem – maybe one day.


  2. I love working with cotton sateen. It just feels great. I still need to pull myself together to start making pictures of me wearing my self made stuff – maybe the vodka idea will help.
    Btw I usually do hemming by hand – so there're no visible stitches on the right side. I have a special stitch as well on my machine but always have issues to use the matching foot.


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