My 19th birthday present

Yes, my Mum and Dad were kind enough to get this beauty for me all those years ago. Like over 30 years ago – yikes! And now she has come home with me for the first time in decades.


For many reasons she has been living with my Mum but now I’ve brought her home. I was recently visiting my family and offered to make my sister a pair of jeans so out she came. What a joy! Denim in multiple layers – no problem. Terrific topstitching – but of course. This machine is sooo much better than my Janome, even though they are both quite basic machines. So I had no choice – into the suitcase she went.

You can almost make out my Janome lurking behind and look at how little she is. (The Janome has a cream cover on her). There is so much more room to work with the Singer. It is also obvious how much more metal is in the Singer, she certainly is heavier so there won’t be so much annoying bouncing around. And she is so much smoother and quieter and that is without ever having been serviced. (Admittedly she hasn’t seen a lot of use in recent years). So she is off to the sewing machine repair man tomorrow because I know that if I start using her she’ll never get the service she deserves.

I did also have a bit of a pre-holiday sewing frenzy so will be back with some finished garments as soon as I take some photos. Hopefully only a day or two. See you then.

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