Style Arc Mila + double gauze = great travel dress

Yes, it really is me and I have moved to – so please come over and see me there. Obviously there has been a bit going on around here – all of it excellent, I’m pleased to say.

But, you’re here for the sewing so let’s get on with it. I have to say up front, I really like this dress. It is everything I want in clothes – cool, comfortable and just slightly out of the ordinary. What do you think?


Style Arc Mila

Yeah, I know. Apologies for the crappy pics (some things don’t change around here). I now have a remote but need more practice. But the cat likes it.

This is a great, simple pattern that goes together really easily and should be quite quick to make. I say should be, because I made it all a little more difficult for myself. I hate pattern matching and then made it in a check (or plaid) without making a muslin. Don’t really know why I wrote that – I would never make a muslin for something like this anyway. Although my check matching is not too bad really.

But I was so focused on matching at the centre front seam that I cut two identical pieces. Yes, identical – not mirror image! Which is how the neck facing came to hand stitched down all round  – I had to do something while I waited for another piece of the fabric to dry so that I could recut it.


And I do think it is slightly too big. This is a size 20 – I’m sure the 18 would be fine. But I seem to be just on the cusp for Style Arc sizes and go back and forth between 18 and 20 – not always wisely. I made the Sian combo top in size 18 and it’s good, might benefit from a small FBA but really it gets worn a lot. So then I made the Amber blouse (not blogged) in a size 20 – way, way too big. And then I made the Skye top in a 20 and it is too small – needs a 1 inch FBA. And no it’s not blogged either. And, yes, I may have bought a few Style Arc patterns in one of their sales.

Hotel room selfie

Hotel room selfie

I also made it in double gauze – which is fabulous and a great pairing I think. it certainly makes this an excellent travel dress. (I am wearing it right now in a Bangkok hotel room). So you also get a hotel room selfie.

I will be back again soon as I work on my unblogged backlog. 

And apologies – pressed publish not preview – I am so out of practice at blogging!

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