A little perspective…

So I was all ready to start on a rub off pattern from a RTW blouse this morning. However, this is what my drafting/cutting table looks like this morning

Yes, that is the large (very large) bamboo reflected in the water on the table. Yes it’s pissing it down here. Yes my table is outside.

Just a couple more bamboo and rain pictures

Now for a nanosecond I was disappointed by this – no using that table today. However, almost instantly I thought of NSW and the Blue Mountains in particular and those truly devastating bushfires. Oh how I wish I could send this rain to them. Suddenly my completely trivial, minor inconvenience was put into perspective.

Sending all positive thoughts to everyone affected by the bushfires and also a big shoutout to all the amazing volunteer firefighters. I once had the honor of working with some of these people (in their day jobs. I’m way to wussy to contemplate doing anything that brave) and they are truly remarkable people.

Be safe everyone.

6 thoughts on “A little perspective…

  1. Definitely a time to count blessings, yes Sarah Liz. Now I don't know why I thought this but … I thought that you were English. Don't ask me why or how I got that idea – must have misinterpreted something I read:)


  2. I am now very far away (I live in northern Thailand) but Sydney was my home for many years (Qlder by birth) and still what I consider home in Australia. I was there in 1993 and my work took me to the Blue Mountains frequently so I will never forget the devastation of those fires. Let's hope the weather gives them a break soon (not that the forecast suggests it)


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